Colonial Development
"We are what we pretend to be, therefore we must be careful what we pretend to be." - Kurt Vonnegut

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Colonial Development
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North American Colonial Development & Rivalries: 1492 to 1765

        The New World was discovered by accident.  The reprecussions of this accidental finding would come to shape the course of modern history.  The nations of Western Europe had become embroiled in trade disputes and tensions with merchants in Italy and the Middle East.  Essentially, the monarchs and merchants of Western Europe desired to eliminate "The Middle Man".  Prior to the 15th century Western Europeans lacked the knowledge and the technology to bypass the Middle East via the open seas.
        However, the failed Crusades did have a postive impact on Western European culture - Europeans were re-introduced to the knowledge base of the Greco-Roman civilization.  The Byzantine Empire retained the culture and norms of the ancient Greco-Roman civilization.  The Crusades brought these scholars into contact with the mathematicians and scholars of the Middle East.  Enter the Renaissance.
        The Renaissance Era enabled Western European scholars, mathematicians, merchants, etc. to learn about, and improve upon, the advanced knowledge base of the Middle East region.  This process of "cultural diffusion" direclty contributed to the development of Prince Henry of Portugal's Navigation college, the introduction of the caravel ship, and the introduction of the astrolabe in Western European Society.  These innovations sparked "The Age of Discovery".  Yet, one must remember that the European explorers did not discover new lands, rather they "found" lands that they were unfamiliar with.  The natives of this "New World" were now confronted with rapid cultural, political, religious, and political change.  The impact of this interaction of "Old" and "New" is still being felt today.

Colonial Development Power Point
This link will take you directly to the Power Point presentation for the unit on the development of colonies in North America. The power point is not animated. It contains only the images and text from the Presentation.
Colonial Development
French & Indian War Power-Point
This link will bring you to a Power-Point created by Ms. Susan Pojer on the causes and effects of the French & Indian War.
French & Indian War Power-Point
Evolution of American Colonies Video
Use this link to acces the American Colonies Video: Colonial America. The video is 56 minutes long. Follow the instructions on the website to complete the assignment. Make sure to enter your full name in the Student Code Center. The student code for this assignments is: T2662-3927. Once you get to the assignment page: click on the link for the video. Another page will load with the information for the video: click "Play" on the right side of the page. Thank you and enjoy.
American Colonies Video: Colonial America
Colonial Development Review Sheet
This is the Review Sheet for the Colonial Development Unit. Use this Review Sheet as a guide for studying. This sheet is not designed to provide answers. The sheet is designed to guide you through the studying process.
Colonial Development Review Sheet

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