AP US History

Planting English America – Day 3

Friday, August 15th, 2008                                              



1)    Announcement: Chapter 1 & 2 Vocabulary Quiz on Tuesday

2)    American Spirit: Section C “Religious Strife in Maryland

a)     The Intolerant Act of Toleration (1649) pg. 39 - 40

b)    Persecutions of the Catholics (1656) pg. 40 – 41

Critical Thinking: The year is 1660.  You are considering leaving England and moving to the New World. Which colony would you prefer to move to: Virginia, Maryland, or Massachusetts? Explain why – focus on Social, Economic, and Political factors.

3)    Power-Point: Colonial Development  slides #4 - 7

4)   Review and discuss Chapter 1 Questions

5)    Group Huddle

6)    AP DBQ & Essay Tips


Group Huddle Questions:

1)    What region of the country did the Anasazi live?

2)    Which country was the first to establish Plantations in North America?

3)    Which Spanish conquistador first explored the Rio Grande basin?

4)    What was the name of the Spanish settlement established to stop the spread of other European powers in the western portion of “New Spain”?

5)    What was the name of the treaty that divided the New World between Spain and Portugal?

6)    Who was the buccaneer that was responsible for attacking he Spanish ships and aiding Queen Elizabeth in building the English Treasury?

7)    Who founded the colony of Maryland?

8)    Who was the leader that saved the Jamestown colonists in 1607/08?

9)    Who is the father of the tobacco industry?

10)                       What is the name of the king that authorized the founding of the Carolina colonies?