AP US History

New World – Day 2

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008



1)     Introduce APUSH structure & notes from Marist conference on MC, FR, & DBQ

2)    Notebook Assignment and Structure

3)    Critical Thinking: Based on the balance of power during the early 17th century, why was England able to conquer and control the portion of North America known today as the US?

4)   The American Spirit: pg. 3 – 6

a)    read “Sepulveda Belittles the Indians” & “Las Casas defends the Indians”

b)    answer the following question for HW: How do the opinions expressed by each author foreshadow future relations between the citizens of the United States and the native American tribes?

5)   Create a Thesis statement for HW response on the American Spirit reading

6)   Review and discuss Chapter 1 Questions