US History

Colonial Development – Day 5

Friday, August 15th, 2008



1)    Reminder: Chapter 1 & 2 Test on Tuesday

2)    Concept Review: Create a list of strengths and weaknesses for both the Jamestown and Plymouth colonies.  Review and discuss as a class

3)    Class Reading: pg. 56 “A Diverse Colony” & pg. 59 “A Thriving Colony”

a) How did the Dutch and William Penn attract settlers and how did this affect the cultural identity of New Netherland?

4)    Define: mercantilism (p. 66), balance of trade (p. 66) , & salutary neglect (p. 69)

5)    Guided Reading: The Navigation Acts (p. 68)

a.     Why were the Navigation Acts created by Parliament?

b.    Record the guidelines or rules of the navigation acts

6)    GHSGT Review: Distribute 2.2; 2.3 (work on in class & complete for HW)


Georgia Performance Standards:

TSWBAT trace the ways that the economy and society of British North America developed